What We Do
B2B Technical Engineering and Equipment Hire

We assist production companies to seamlessly deliver engaging interactive realtime multimedia experiences to local and international audiences.

Remote and Onsite

It all starts with our experienced broadcast engineers, which allow both your team and our team to deliver outstanding experiences.

We have an expert team of content producers who ensure that your on-camera talent are engaging.

And our team of technical directors make certain that that the visual media and audio soundtrack to your stream are on point.


We provide mixed-mode "technology agnoistc" technical solutions from the disciplines of Broadcast Television, Broadcast Radio, High-End Video Conferencing, IT Infrastructure, Virtualised Services, Bonded Networking, SD-WAN, and more.

We believe that collaboration is our strong suit as: No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. ~ Albert Einstein

Customer First

We believe in a customer first approach to delivering service, to all of the customers in the chain.

We have a focus on the end-user experience to ensure results, happy customers, and repeat business.

Our clients are not just you, but your clients, and ultimately their audience.

Examples of our Work

Here are some samples of technical solutions we have engineered.

LIVE Multi-Lingual
International Awards Show

StartWebcast worked with Power Creative to deliver a completely virtual "shark tank" style awards show for Rare Cancers Australia called Pitch For Pinnacle

We provided the design and operation of a fully virtualised production infrastruture in AWS, remote comms via Unity Comms, live production assets, real-time encoding of 5 languages.

10 Player
GameShow System

We were approached to develop a custom GameShow system for a client who wanted 10 "BIG RED BUZZERS", a custom scoreboard system, audio playback, video playback and arena lighting control.

Whats Next? Who Knows! Join in the fun whenever it happens!
Check Out The iPhone In A Chair Behind-The-Scenes Here

LIVE Virtualised
100% Remote Virtual Production

We are known to do weird, last minute and large primarily for production companies in a B2B arrangement.

In this example we provided 7 of the 8 concurrent broadcast stages for 3 days of a hybrid conference that due to covid restrictions went 100% virtual online.

We did all this with a 2 week lead time.

We provided:

  • The infrastructure and most of the technicians.
  • Scripts to automate the downloading and renaming of 362 prerecorded videos.

We had an Infrastructure uptime of 100% and an overall uptime of 99.74% due to human operator factors.

The images are a look behind the scenes of master control and some of our remote operators home setups.

Did we mention that all our operators worked from home with comms and control?

Case Study

Event Overview

We provided the technology and technicians for Real World for the 2021 Elders Real Estate Annual General Meeting
This consisted of a fully redundant broadcast solution, dual everything with no single points of failure.

Equipment Overview

Full Broadcast Video Chains
4x Panasonic "Medium Size" Robotic Broadcast Cameras with RP120 Controller

2x vmix based virtual sets and chroma key in dual redundant mode

Full Broadcast Audio Chains
Dual VoIP hybrids, Acoustic echo cancelation, Noise Reduction, Real-time Broadcast Mastering

Backup webstream
GreenGo Comms
and more, just ask.

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